Dressember 2023 - Stop Human Trafficking

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Dressember is an organization that raises awareness and money to end human trafficking by encouraging people to wear a dress (or tie) every day in December and spread the word.

When I started doing Dressember a few years ago, I was afraid of what people would think if I wore a dress, so I opted to wear a tie every day in December instead, and used it as a conversation starter to raise awareness and money to stop human trafficking.

This year, I finally have the courage to switch from ties to dresses. Slowly I am becoming better at accepting myself and my interests, and not letting people’s unfair judgement stop me from exploring, expressing myself, and pursuing my life’s purposes. For example, this whole process of self-acceptance has recently re-ignited my passion for coding, and teaching people how to code.

I hope my small change can inspire you to make a large change by donating to Dressember if you are able, or at least spreading the word. I know I will – I’ve been given such a privileged life that it would be selfish not to share some of my resources to people and causes that need it.

Donate here: jjv.sh/dressember

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Day 1

me wearing a black dress for dressember 1st

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