What I'm Doing Now


I’ve been up to:

  • Prototyping a handheld game for under $10, the last one was under $1 but was very limited. I have decided on the RP2040 for the processor, and for the display I am considering two options: a Monochrome Nokia 5110 and a Color TFT
  • Exploring the new Raspberry Pi Pico W, a $6 computer with wifi. I’m writing code for it to connect to OBS (live streaming software) to control actions by pushing buttons on a macropad. I have a previous version working, but that was before the Pico W came out, so it uses the Pico and a bluetooth module
  • Livestreaming on this very site, johanv.net, which forwards to twitch, youtube, etc. I play games, make music (piano and music production), and write code. More info on the home page
  • Surfing Mastodon, since there are a lot of new users for some reason :]
  • pettin da doggo
  • Working at my tech job

Inspired by:

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