Videos: Where I Post Them and Why


Here are some of my videos! Since YouTube is very invasive of privacy and tends to censor people, I instead upload my videos to Odysee (also known as LBRY), an awesome video platform that more and more YouTubers are moving to. Odysee is open source, decentralized, privacy-respecting, has a decent and growing user base, and even has a good system for monetization. It doesn’t require a minimum subscriber count like YouTube does, which means I’m making money already! (Only a few dollars, my channel isn’t that popular.) If you sign up with my invite link, we both get some LBC (Odysee/LBRY’s cryptocurrency) as a referral bonus which you can use to boost a video’s popularity, tip somebody, or convert to USD or your local currency. I believe that Odysee is the most likely platform to compete with YouTube in the long term, if not overtake it.

I don’t post as frequently on other platforms, but you can also find some of my videos on PeerTube (another open source decentralized video platform) or YouTube.

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My Odysee Channel: @johanv

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